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2018 Lincoln Navigator: Pure Power

For decades, Lincoln has incorporated prestige, elegance, and performance into their cars, trucks, and SUVs, especially with this 2018 Lincoln Navigator. The new Navigator has some impressive innovations which make work hassle-free for drivers in East Hartford, CT.

Let's begin with the engine. The new Lincoln Navigator has a 3.5-liter twin turbocharged engine that's anything but wimpy. The responsive engine roars with 405 horsepower and 510 lbs-ft torque on 93 octane fuel. Drivers will find the six driving modes useful as they conquer the road conditions with ease. 

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Don't Believe the 3000-Mile Oil Change Myth

You may want to think twice about getting caught up in the 3,000-mile oil change myth. There’s a lot of support to skip the 3000-mile oil change and go with the manufacturer's suggestions. Most of the hype comes from the franchise and independent shops that benefit from frequent oil changes. The fact remains that the average oil change is 7,500 miles due to today’s vehicles and engine oil properties.

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Planning for Road Trip Troubles Today

If you were to set aside a little time before your upcoming road trip to plan for things that might go wrong, it would significantly reduce the likelihood of those things occurring. Keep these important safety items in mind before leaving for the long trip ahead.

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Quality Windshield Wiper Fluid Will Increase Your Visibility

If you are at all concerned with staying safe on the road, then you likely realize the importance of visibility. Visibility is dependent upon keeping your windshield crystal clear. Windshield wiper fluid is designed for this purpose, but some people attempt to use water instead. Here's why that's such a bad idea.

Wiper fluid is specially made to freeze at a far lower temperature than water, allowing you to use it even in extremely cold weather conditions. Water, unfortunately, will quickly freeze on most icy winter days.

Water is also not able to clean...
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Winter Wiper Blades Offer First-Rate Visibility

Are you fed up with wintertime driving visibility that's less than stellar? Are you the kind of driver who puts safety before anything else?

Get in touch with our parts department at Hoffman Lincoln as soon as possible. We can present you with a broad range of top-quality winter wiper blades that can give you driving visibility that's out of this world. Visibility is essential for drivers who want to be safe, smart and responsible. Lingering windshield streaks can make people feel nervous and unsettled. They can be major dangers to all as well. Don't rely on…
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Secrets of Keeping Your Pet Relaxed During a Road Trip

The staff members here at Hoffman Lincoln Inc. understand the value of pets and the role they play in people’s lives. This why we have made it possible for people to own cars that are okay when your pet is with you. Pets are wonderful creatures that provide solace when life seems to stress us. Traveling is made fun when you let your pet tag along. But how do you keep your pet relaxed all the way till your destination from Hartford?

  • Carry their favorite toy so that they can feel comfortable.
  • Be sure to play your music softly…
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Visit Hoffman Lincoln Inc. For Your Vehicle's Seasonal Service

If the weather is about to change, it is time to show your vehicle just how much you care. Seasonal maintenance should not be looked at as an optional event that becomes necessary only if your car is sputtering or beginning to show signs of a decline in performance. If you want to make sure that your vehicle is going to keep running smoothly in all types of conditions, you want to give it a regular check-up here at Hoffman Lincoln Inc..

Seasonal Maintenance Milestones For Your Vehicle

— Scamper smith (@ScamperSmith) October…
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